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Castlerock Village is located at the north end of the lake on a pristine peninsula punctuated with cliffs and magnificent rock formations.  This property is located on Buck Point, bounded by BLM land to the west, the Trockenbeerenauslese Castle to the south and lies above and adjacent to the lake shore to the east.  County road A1 Forms the north boundary with Castlerock Village entrance guarded by electronically controlled gate.

Home sites

Each home site has been designated to meet the prerequisites of the Eagle Lake Area Plan requiring 80% "open space" (common area with the development.)  This guarantees the preservation of the natural beauty and environment in and around the lake.  Most of the home sites are clustered alone the trees, yet have a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding mountains.   Four of the home sites have lake shore frontage or border the BLM land with lake shore access.  All of the home sites share a private beach and recreation area for boat launching, etc.


Upon completion of the development, underground telephone, electricity and sewer will be available to each parcel.  Septic discharge is collected from individual septic tanks and pumped out of the basin by a system provided by the Community Service District.  Removal of this gray water preserves the quality of the lake and water from the private wells at each home site.  Three 12,000 gallon water tanks are strategically located to provide emergency water for the local fire department.

Open Space

Walking trails meander along the terrain to the "open space" and adjacent public lands.  The roads are paved within the development.  Private landscaping is permitted with fences not to exceed three feet, however, the native landscape must be preserved.

Home Owners

Maintenance of the common amenities; roads, beach, and entry to Castlrock Village will be shared by the property owners under the umbrella of a home owners association.  A budget will be prepared from which to forecast the prorate share of each parcel.  The current sewer assessment by the Community Services District is approximate fifty-one hundred dollars.

C C & R'S

Deed restrictions will be recorded to guide the quality of construction of residential improvements.   The home must contain 2,000 square feet of living space with attached garages for automobiles, and boat storage.  Individual flexibility of design and style will be retained by the property owner, subject to architectural review and approval.  However, creative architectural styling and treatments including gables, porches and broke roof lines are highly recommended.  The intent is to keep Castlerock Village a unique private community with itself.