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The Hidden Jewel of Northern California

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Tucked away in the mountains of northeastern California lies Eagle Lake, the best kept secret and hidden jewel of all of northern California.  The south shore of is 26 miles north of Susanville which is just 89 miles north of Reno, Nevada. 

This massive body of water, comprising some 27,000 acres, is the second largest natural lake located with the confines of the Golden State.  Eagle Lake has over 100 miles of extraordinary shore line accented by rock cliffs rising from the lake which form narrow peninsulas and beautiful bays.   An no place on or around, can the entire lake be seen at one time. 

The lake is, in fact, like three bodies of water surrounded by a lush forest in the south to a semi-arid desert covered by sage and magnificent large juniper trees in the North.  Along the western shores lies a bold, extinct lava flow which acts as insulation for a large body of ice which is visible through openings in the lava.  Fredonyer Mountain rises 8,000 feet to the east, almost 3,000 feet above the lake elevation of 5,000 feet. 

Long ago the area was inhabited by three different language groups of Native Americans.  The Mountain Maidu, Paiutes, and Saegew hunted and fished at Eagle Lake.   Sheepherders and cattle ranchers now reside in the basin and surrounding valleys and mountains. 

The diverse topographical environment of Eagle Lake has lent itself to a wide array of plant and animal life.   Over 80 plant species including spectacular wild flowers have been identified.  Over 200 species of mammals, birds and amphibians are in the basin at the same time.  Bird watchers can enjoy the western grebe, osprey, white pelicans, swans, and the namesake of the land the Bald Eagle.  Deer, coyotes, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and an occasional bear or mountain lion roam the basin. 

To the fisherman's delight the lake sports a trophy fish, the Eagle Lake Trout.  This species, resulting from hybridization of rainbow and cutthroat, produces some monsters weighing over 12 pounds. 

The 15 mile reach of Eagle Lake, with the prevailing southwesterly afternoon and evening breeze, provide extraordinary sailing and windsurfing all summer long.  The warm summer waters also accommodate a wide variety of water sports.  Two marinas, two general stores, two restaurants, two gas stations and a 5,000 foot air strip complete the services available to the community. 

Eagle Lake is a unique national treasure, a rare and fragile resource.  To insure the preservation of the pristine beauty the basin planning is governed by the Eagle Lake Interagency Board.  Input is received from five agencies that have jurisdiction over resources and land management.   The vas majority of the land is within the public domain, resulting in on 800 plus residents of five small subdivisions. The last permitted residential community is Castlerock Village which is limited to 30 homesites included in a 80 acre parcel.